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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prošek wine?

For the Italian white wine, see Prosecco. Prošek is a sweet dessert wine that is traditionally from the southern area of Dalmatia, Croatia. It is made using dried wine grapes in the passito method.

Who is Prosek partners?

Since 1990, Prosek Partners has devoted itself to the financial and professional services sectors, working to build, strengthen and protect the world’s top brands. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to provide the most innovative, integrated communications and marketing services in the industry.

What do Prosecco and Prosek have in common?

Prosecco is produced from glera grapes. The technique of making Prosek dates to pre-Roman times which makes it obvious it was never an imitation of Prosecco. In conclusion, the similar-sounding name IS the only thing the two wines have in common.

What happened to Prosek wine in Croatia?

Sometime in the spring of 2013, just a couple of weeks before the long awaited official reception of Croatia to the European Union, news broke that once Croatia becomes an EU member, Croatian winemakers will be forbidden to make, advertise, or sell Prosek, a traditional wine variant.

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