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Frequently Asked Questions

What does provide provide mean?

1. 'provide with'. To provide something that someone needs or wants means to give it to them or make it available to them. You say that you provide someone with something. They provided him with money to buy new clothes.

What does provided mean?

1. to give or supply. He provided the wine for the meal; He provided them with a bed for the night. 2. (with for) to have enough money to supply what is necessary. He is unable to provide for his family.

What are synonyms for provide?

Synonyms for Provide: n. • purvey, procure, accommodate, equip, fit, outfit, care for, cater to, fit up, satisfy, rig, provision, stock, fit out, arrange, afford, store, minister, administer, come up with, resource. v. •determine, specify (verb) require, state, postulate, stipulate, condition, lay down. •feed (verb) nourish.

What is legal definition of provide?

Definition of provide for. The law provides for the appointment of a new official. 2 : to supply what is needed for (something or someone) It's hard to make enough money to provide for such a large family. They agreed to provide for the child's education.

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