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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pseudo class?

What is a pseudo-class? A pseudo-class is a selector that selects elements that are in a specific state, e.g. they are the first element of their type, or they are being hovered over by the mouse pointer.

What is CSS pseudo-class and pseudo-element?

Pseudo-class and pseudo-element are both CSS selectors, however pseudo-class represents a virtual CSS class, whereas pseudo-element represents a virtual HTML element. Pseudo-Class Pseudo-class selector helps in selecting different "states" of the same element.

How to get a CSS selector?

How to Combine the ID and other Attributes of the web element to create a CSS Selector?We started with the HTML tag, i.e., textareaThen we used the symbol for ID, i.e. “#”Then we provided the value of the id attribute.In the end, inside the square bracket, we provided the placeholder attribute and its value.

What is pseudo class in HTML?

A pseudo-class: defines a particular state of the element; is a keyword that starts with a colon: Syntax. A pseudo-class can’t exist on its own. It must be attached to a selector. The pseudo-class will only define a particular state of that selector. The syntax looks like this:.selector:pseudo-class {} There is no space between the selector and the pseudo-class, to signify that they are linked together.:hover

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