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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Psychological Care Associates located?

Psychological Care Associates is a medical group practice located in Arlington, MA that specializes in Clinical Psychology and Social Work. Does Psychological Care Associates ... Is Psychological Care Associates physically located within a hospital? Does Psychological Care Associates have an onsite pharmacy?

Is psychological care associates part of Child&Family Services?

Welcome Psychological Care Associates patients! We’re proud to announce that Psychological Care Associates is now part of the Child & Family Psychological Services family of behavioral health services.

How do I contact Psych Care Associates?

As we move forward, Psych Care Associates, P.C. remains committed to providing high quality patient care with continuity of services. Please email/ call with any questions that you may have to [email protected]/ 413-583-6750 x4.

Why choose Psych care?

At Psych Care our specialized professional staff make up one of an array of therapies and psychoeducational groups which help the individual deal more effectively with the presenting problems. Psych Care Associates hosts a wide variety of groups to assist those with various mental issues. This includes ADD, ADHD, and much more.

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