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Frequently Asked Questions

Is psychological care associates part of Child&Family Services?

Welcome Psychological Care Associates patients! We’re proud to announce that Psychological Care Associates is now part of the Child & Family Psychological Services family of behavioral health services.

What is your review of PsyCare - Poway?

Start your review of PsyCare - Poway. I like Dr. Gutierrez. He's sharp, thoughtful. Knows what he's doing. It's hard to get appointments booked. Always have to wait on hold and it's hard to get a convenient appointment time on short notice.

What is PsyCare?

PsyCare, Inc. is a private behavioral outpatient healthcare system providing high quality psychiatric and psychological counseling treatment services. Although individual results vary, according to a major health plan, on average, PsyCare clients and patients consistently report above average improvement based on a standardized outcomes measure.

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