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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a BA and a BS in psychology?

In short, the difference between psychology BA and BS can be listed as: A diploma in BS Psychology concentrates on natural and physical sciences. A diploma in BA Psychology is humanities concentrated. A diploma in BS Psychology is research based. A diploma in BS Psychology is more profession focused, while those who want to take up a qualification in BA Psychology tend to be keen on carrying on education as ...

What is better a BA or BS in psychology?

While one degree is not necessarily better than another, some educational experts suggest that students who earn a BS degree in psychology have greater flexibility and more opportunities. However, it is important to focus on choosing a degree that is the best-suited to your unique needs, skills, interests, and professional goals.

What can I do with a BS in psychology?

Obtain essential practical experience such as residence hall adviser or camp counselor. Enroll in an internship or practicum. Perform volunteer services such as Special Olympics, Big Brother/Sister, or crisis hotline. Learn foreign language for multi-cultural clients. Become familiar with government hiring procedures.

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