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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between psychology and Psychological Science?

Difference Between Psychology and Sociology. Psychology pertains to the study of the human mind, whereas sociology pertains to learning human behaviour. Psychology can be said to be a science that deals with individual mental behaviour. On the other hand, sociology is a science that deals with the origin and development of the human society.

What is the definition of Psychological Science?

Psychological science is the use of the scientific method to create, test and improve hypotheses concerning behavior and the factors and processes underlying behavior. Some psychological scientists use science to further basic psychological knowledge and some apply psychological principles to analyze, improve or measure behavior.

What makes psychology a science?

What Makes Psychology a Science? Roots in Established Sciences. Psychology as the scientific study of animal and human behavior is only about 125 years old, according to the American Psychology Association. The Scientific Method. ... Descriptiveness. ... Falsifiability. ... Objectivity. ...

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