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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best book publishing companies in the UK?

1 Little, Brown and Company 2 Beacon Press 3 By Light Unseen Media 4 Charlesbridge 5 Small Beer Press 6 Circlet Press 7 Fair Winds Press 8 Hackett Publishing Company 9 Interlink Publishing 10 Paris Press More items...

Which is the best publisher in UK for unsolicited manuscripts?

21 Top UK Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts. 1 1. Fairlight Books. Recently launched in 2017, this newly minted publishing house is focused on finding good, fresh, and quality fiction for readers. 2 2. Fahrenheit Press. 3 3. Copy Press. 4 4. Strange Attractor. 5 5. Seren Books. More items

Which is the best publisher for academic books?

1 Academic Studies Press. ... 2 Barefoot Books. ... 3 Bentley Publishers. ... 4 Branch Line Press. ... 5 Branden Books. ... 6 By Light Unseen Media. ... 7 Candlewick Press. ... 8 Charlesbridge Publishing. ... 9 Chemical Publishing Company. ... 10 Christopher-Gordon Publishers. ... More items...

What is Charlesbridge Publishing?

Located in Watertown, Charlesbridge is a children’s publisher. Using books as tools to aid in learning and fun, Charlesbridge publishes children’s books, illustrated storybooks and young adult novels. The topics they have published so far span history, travel, literature, science, culture, nature, languages, stories and health.

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