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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products of New Hampshire?

Greenhouse and nursery products are the most important agricultural products for New Hampshire. Home and garden plants and Christmas trees are the most important items in this area. New Hampshire's most important field crop is hay, used mainly for cattle and horse feed. Maple syrup is an important farm product.

What does New Hampshire produce?

New Hampshire's forests produce both softwood and hardwood trees. Some of the softwood trees include spruce, balsam fir, cedar and white pine.

What is the official name of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire. One of the original 13 states (it entered the Union in 1788), New Hampshire was named after the English county of Hampshire. New Hampshire is called the "Granite State" because of its numerous granite quarries; the nickname may also reflect the state's attachment to tradition and its history of a frugal government.

Who explored New Hampshire?

Many historians believe that the Vikings were the first white men to visit New Hampshire's shores. The earliest explorers to leave a record of having been in New Hampshire were Martin Pring (1603), Samuel de Champlain (1605), and Captain John Smith (1614).

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