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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy free puppies?

Free puppies can be found at a local animal shelter. While there is usually a small fee for adoption, this fee covers vaccinations and other necessary treatments. Many shelters also have promotional days where the adoption fee is less than normal or waived.

Does Petco sell puppies?

No. Neither PetSmart nor Petco sell dogs or cats. Stores that sold such animals sourced them from puppy mills and other now discredited places.

How to pick a dog for adoption?

How to Pick a Dog - Things to consider Consider a variety of breeds. ... Do NOT rely on the opinions of the facility's staff. ... Take the dog to a quiet place, preferably outside of the facility away from noises and other dogs. ... Begin by calmly petting and touching different areas of the dog. ... Let the dog roam around. ... Move your hands and legs around. ... Check the dog's teeth. ... More items...

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