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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy free puppies?

Free puppies can be found at a local animal shelter. While there is usually a small fee for adoption, this fee covers vaccinations and other necessary treatments. Many shelters also have promotional days where the adoption fee is less than normal or waived.

What is a hypoallergenic dog for adoption?

BEST SMALL HYPOALLERGENIC DOGS FOR ADOPTION. Bichon Frise. This breed has a unique hair that actually has double coats. When hair falls from one coat, it gets caught in the second coat keeping it from floating around and creating that dust and allergy attraction that other breeds create.

What to expect in a pet adoption?

Our guide to what you can expect when you adopt a dog Your dog is an investment - in time and money. ... You're going to be tested - by the rescue organization, that is. ... Expect a home check. ... You need to set limits. ... It's may take a while to get her into the swing of your household, so don't expect too much. ... If you have other pets, you may see some jealously or aggression. ...

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