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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to take dogs for adoption?

Another place where you can adopt a dog in Barcelona is la Lliga per la protecció d'animals i plantes Barcelona. They also have lots of dogs up for adoption that you can see online. As is the case with CAACB, this is a large community of volunteers and partners involved in the welfare of dogs and cats.

Does Petco sale dogs to adopt?

No , Petco does not sell cats or dogs. In partnership with Petco Love and local animal welfare organizations, you can meet adoptable dogs and cats at your neighborhood store. Petco sells the essentials you need for your new dog or cat.

Can I give my Dog for adoption?

Let people know that you are giving the dog up for adoption through social networking sites, posters and emails. Call your friends and family to see if they may be interested in adopting your dog. Talk to possible adopters before you give your dog up.

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