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Frequently Asked Questions

How much playtime should a puppy have?

What the rule essentially lays down is that your puppy’s play and exercise time per day should be their age in months multiplied by 5. Therefore, for a 6-month-old puppy, this means 30 minutes of play and exercise time per day.

Is poppy Playtime a real factory?

Poppy Playtime is set in a factory called Poppy Co. You are an ex-employee who returns to the factory after ten years, only to find that everyone disappeared and things are a bit strange. However, you are challenged with various tests that will help you explore the factory. You get unlocks that will help you access restricted areas as you explore.

Is poppy Playtime a scary game?

Poppy Playtime is a survival puzzle game with incredibly scary adventures waiting for you. Wonderful graphics, OST music waiting for you in Poppy Playtime. Down with theories and wasted time, our secret guide application for free will help walkthrough the game in just half an hour!

How to get free puppy play time?

FREE PUPPY PLAY TIME. This is strictly for proud puppy parents with pups under six months. Every Tuesday at our Golrusk location on Military Ave., you and your puppy can join in FREE puppy playtime from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. What makes this program so appealing is the pups begin to build proper dog socialization skills in a monitored ...

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