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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uber available in Florence Italy?

There is no Uber services in Florence today. Uber in Florence, Italy has 0 Uber car service ready to pick you up. Our Uber Florence fares are updated daily. Use this Uber estimate Florence calculator to estimate your Uber trip with real-time fare rates for Florence.

Are Furla handbags made in Italy?

Furla is one of the brands that still takes the concept of made in Italy very seriously. All its items are still produced in Bologna, Italy. But to better serve the Chinese market, Furla in 2013 signed a partnership with Li & Fung Holdings Ltd, a Chinese firm. However, this was not for production but for distribution purposes.

Where to buy leather goods in Italy?

Buy designer leather at bargain prices at Italy's outlet malls. You'll need a car or a driver, as these outlets are located outside Italy's major cities, but the bargains you'll find may make the trip worthwhile. Outside Florence, you'll find discounted brand-name leather, such as Gucci, at The Mall.

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