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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are handbags so popular in France?

One of the French attributes of elegance is the handbag women carry in all circumstances. As most women buy at least a handbag each year, a number of typically French handbag designers are competing fiercely to provide the best quality and stay at the top of what is fashionable in Paris and the other regions of France.

Which brands of handbags to buy in Paris?

Lesser known outside of France, La Petite Mendigote, created in the city in 2003, Nat et Ninn, created in the city in 2005, Jerome Dreyfuss, created in Nancy in 1974, are quality and fashionable French brands of handbags. Discover all these brands during your stay in the city at Paris Department Stores or in their branded stores.

Where are Bleu de Chauffe bags made?

Each Bleu de Chauffe bag is made in France with the finest vegetable tanned leathers. Workwear spirit and handmade manufacturing. Each bag is dated and signed by its artisan.

Where can I buy Jacquemus handbags in Paris?

Jacquemus handbags can be found in Galeries Lafayette department stores in Paris. Jacquemus handbags website. America does love French handbags.

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