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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a purse?

A purse is an absolute necessity in every woman’s life because it keeps all of your belongings in one place. When it comes to purses, there are millions of different options to choose from, which is why we helped you by picking out all of our favorite bags.

What is the difference between a foldover and frame purse?

The foldover purse is a compact shape when folded but carries more when unfolded. Frame handbags are rectangular shaped with one or two short handles. As the name indicates, they are constructed around a hinged metal frame that opens wide at the top. The top locks via magnetic flaps, clasps, kissing locks, or zippered closures.

How many pieces does this purse set come with?

This purse set comes with three different pieces & is available in 12 colors. . Made with faux PU leather and golden hardware, this purse is perfect for everyday use at is made with 6 interior pockets for all of your needs.

Is a crossbody Purse right for formal events?

Despite the functional disadvantage, it’s petite size comes off as classy and is a must carry at formal events. Although a broadly defined category of purse, a crossbody purse typically features a front flap and sturdy, adjustable straps that allow the purse to be worn across the body.

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