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Frequently Asked Questions

How deep is Pyramid Lake California?

Pyramid Lake - A Brief Natural History. It was 500 feet deep over the Black Rock Desert and 900 feet deep over today's Pyramid Lake (which has a surface area of 188 square miles and is 350 feet deep). A warming climate caused the gradual disappearance of Lake Lahontan.

Is there a Pyramid Lake in California?

Pyramid Lake (Los Angeles County, California) Pyramid Lake is a reservoir formed by Pyramid Dam on Piru Creek in the eastern San Emigdio Mountains, near Castaic, Southern California. It is a part of the West Branch California Aqueduct, which is a part of the California State Water Project.

Where is Lake Pyramid in California?

Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake is located along Interstate I-5 in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forest on Piru Creek. The lake is 17 miles south of Frazier Park California and 20 miles north of Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Valencia California.

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