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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Qantara's stone bridge preserved in ancient Egypt?

Note 154. Block) This article on Qantara's stone bridge has "morphed" into a search for the Rameside fortress of Tjaru (alternately rendered Tharu , Zaru , Zalu, Tjel [Ancient Egyptian had no L, instead it used R) and its bridge, allegedly preserved in Roman era Selle , Sele or Sile .

What is Al-Qantara (The second bridge)?

The second bridge — called al-Qantara (Arabic: القنطرة) in Arabic — is where the second qissās (retaliation) takes place on Judgment Day.

What does El Qantara mean in Arabic?

El Qantara, Egypt. El Qantara ( Arabic: القنطرة ‎, translit. al qantara, lit. 'the bridge') is a northeastern Egyptian city on both sides of the Suez Canal, in the Egyptian governorate of Ismailia, 160 kilometres (99 mi) northeast of Cairo and 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Port Said.

Where was El Qantara built?

El Qantara was built next to a site of an ancient city Sele ( Ancient Greek: Σελη, Coptic: ϩⲗⲗⲏ, ⲛⲗⲏ, ⲥⲉⲗⲏ, Ancient Egyptian: Ṯȝrw Tcharou ).

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