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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Quicksilver?

Quicksilver can be obtained by smelting cinnabar ores, native cinnabar clusters or by crafting it from a shimmerleaf. You can also combine 9 quicksilver drops to create one.

What exactly is Quicksilver?

Sometimes known as quicksilver, it is a heavy metal, like lead or cadmium, that exists in different chemical forms: Elemental mercury or metallic mercury is the element in its pure, ‘un-combined’ form. It is a shiny, silver-white metal that is liquid at room temperature, but is rarely found in this form in nature.

What is Quicksilver for?

Quicksilver is essentially a graphical shell for the macOS operating system, allowing users to use the keyboard to rapidly perform tasks such as launching other apps, manipulating files, or sending e-mail.

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