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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song on the Quiznos commercial?

In 2004, Quiznos started using fuzzy looking creatures called the Spongmonkeys (which were designed by Joel Veitch) in their advertising commercials. One of them plays a guitar, and the other sings a song called "We Love the Subs", in an apparent and shorter spoof of their original song, "We Like the Moon".

Is the Quiznos spongmonkey the worst mascot ever?

The Quiznos Spongmonkey frequently makes the cut on “all-time worst mascots” lists and advertising experts consider it a love-or-hate property (at best). The only thing everyone seems to agree on: How the fuck did these commercials come to be in the first place?

Does Quiznos need to be more dramatic with its advertising?

Hall says that Quiznos needs to be “dramatic” with the airtime it buys, because it’s got a smaller ad budget than its competitors. It’s a brand that’s still in a growth stage, and its main goal right now is awareness—i.e., water-cooler talk.

What is the animal that sings at Quiznos?

Quiznos’ singing rodent The spot: A small, furry creature, wearing a bowler hat, levitates as he sings an ode to Quiznos subs. Nearby, another flying creature wears an 18th century seafaring hat, and strums on an acoustic guitar. Song lyrics: “We love the subs! ‘Cuz they are good to us. The Quiznos subs.

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