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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the chicken subs at Quiznos?

The Quiznos chicken subs menu consists of mesquite chicken, the carbonara chicken, Baja chicken, honey mustard chicken, and pesto chicken. The prices of these items are $6 to $9. The Quiznos steak subs consist of the peppercorn steak, black Angus steak, steak bacon and swiss, and chipotle steak and cheddar.

What are the different categories at Quiznos?

The Quiznos menu categories consist of the following categories. The chicken subs, steak subs, deli subs, turkey subs, create your sub, pulled pork subs, salads and wraps, grilled flatbreads, choose 2, soups, kids, desserts, and sides, drinks, under 400 calories subs, toasty pasta and more.

How much is the Toasty pasta at Quiznos?

The Quiznos toasty pasta consists of the mac and cheese pasta, mac and cheese with bacon pasta, meatball and marinara pasta, chicken pesto pasta. The Quiznos pricing of Toasty Pasta is $5 to $7. Quiznos Menu Prices of Mac & Cheese ranges from $5 to $6. You can get the 8-inch subs daily for $5.55 at Quiznos.

How much does Quiznos pulled pork cost?

The Quiznos pulled pork subs consists of the southern BBQ pulled pork, and the Cuban pulled pork. The cost of these items arranges from $6 to $9.

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