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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Rackspace cost?

The practically least costly hosting is Rackspace Cloud Sites, which is aPaaS, it includes everything in this world you need within $150 / month charge. It remained 150 since 2011. OpenShift also cost 150, so possibly Cloud sites with IP address can not be accused much. It is fully managed and good for small business, personal websites etc.

How to log into Rackspace Email?

Following is the procedure how to login rackspace webmail. Visit Rackspace homepage from your browser. Next, click on the “login” on the top right corner. A new page will open with the “Rackspace Webmail Login” option.

How do I access the cPanel?

To access cPanel through the Customer Portal, follow these steps: Log in to the Customer Portal. On the menu bar, click , and then click : Under My Products & Services, locate your hosting package, and then click Manage: In the Actions sidebar, click Login to cPanel:

What is rack space?

Rack space refers to the amount of physical space your server or servers take up in a rack in a co-location facility. Typical full racks are 42 units (see below) and run from floor to ceiling.

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