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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Rackspace provide?

Rackspace will provide customers with a cost-effective, on-demand, cloud-based delivery model of their SAP software solutions. Rackspace will supplement these services with application migration, implementation, management and support services.

Is customer support specialist?

Customer support specialists provide service or product information, solutions and relevant details to customers. They are sociable individuals with a knack for providing professional and clear answers to customer's requests. ... Customer support specialists provide specific information regarding the services, products or materials offered by a company.

What is Rackspace Cloud?

Rackspace Cloud is the brand name for Rackspace Hosting Inc.'s cloud storage services. Rackspace Cloud includes Cloud Files, Cloud Block Storage and Cloud Backup. Cloud Files, which was released in 2008, uses OpenStack Swift object storage. Users connect to it with the REST application programming interface (API).

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