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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good absorber of radiation?

The most effective 'absorber' of radiations, β, γ, are dense, high Z materials. The β and γ radiations interact primarily with atomic electrons in matter. Alpha particles are stopped by thin materials, but beta and gamma are more penetrating into matter.

What are the best absorbers of thermal radiation?

The best absorber of thermal radiation is a blackbody. Assuming you are talking about ranges of temperatures we see on Earth, where the blackbody radiator has an effective Black body temperature of no more than 8000K (for sunlight: the surface of the Sun really is about that hot), carbon black will do pretty well. See Carbon black.

What material is best absorber of infrared radiation?

In general, a material can absorb infrared light, reflect it or let it pass through. Common infrared-absorbing materials include windows, plastics, metals and wood.

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