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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radiation induced fibrosis and how is it treated?

This condition is called radiation induced fibrosis. If your muscles and soft tissues are tight it can be: • painful • change your posture • affect your joints When your muscles are not moving properly they can cause pain or limit movement in other parts of your body. Stretching exercises help reduce muscle stiffness.

What do we know about Radiation-Induced Ischemic fibrosis (Rif)?

Although RIF is widely prevalent among patients undergoing radiation therapy and significantly impacts quality of life, there is still much to learn about its pathogenesis and mechanisms.

How common is fatfibrosis after radiation?

Fibrosis is common after radiation for other types of cancer as well, especially with cancers of the head and neck.

What is the pathophysiology of radiation fibrosis?

Radiation Fibrosis (RF) describes the insidious pathologic fibrotic tissue sclerosis that often occurs in response to radiation exposure. The term radiation fibrosis syndrome (RFS) describes the myriad clinical manifestations of progressive fibrotic tissue sclerosis that result from radiation treatment.

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