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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are playing ranked bedwars?

As you may all know, RANKED BEDWARS, a gamemode made by some top players or the server, has been blowing up in numbers, with over 15000 people just on the discord server. That's the "Official" Ranked Bedwars, but there are also parties in lobby 1 saying "1/8!," which is known as "casual" or "privs."

What is the best tier list for bedbedwars?

BedWars Tier List 1 S-Tier: Builder, Archer, Lassy 2 A-Tier: Baker, Farmer Cletus 3 B-Tier: Barbarian, Eldertree 4 C-Tier: Infernal Shielder, Melody, Pirate Davey More ...

What is the best bedwars kit for healer?

If you want to go on the offensive, Archer and Lassy are the best picks. For a healer build, we recommend going with Baker. Builder and maybe even Eldertree make for good defensive BedWars kits. Protect your bed. Once it’s gone, you can no longer respawn!

What is the best bedwars kit for Archer?

The Archer gains 15% increased damage to all projectiles and access to the Tactical Crossbow for 10 Emeralds from Amir. Many players like using projectiles for the knockback effect, making the Archer a common BedWars Kit choice. The Infernal Shielder is a good defender, as he starts with a shield that reduces incoming damage by half.

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