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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by read-through in biology?

read-through process of TRANSCRIPTION or TRANSLATION continuing beyond the normal termination site, because of the absence or alteration of the usual transcription or translation stop signal of the gene, due for example to MUTATION. Extended transcripts or polypeptides may be formed. Also called terminator read-through.

How do you identify genes with transcriptional read-through?

To identify genes with transcriptional read-through, we filtered out all genes for which there was another annotated gene in either strand within a region of 5 Kb downstream of their TTS. We also filtered out genes with an overall increase in expression level relative to the control sample.

Do transcription read-through overruns interfere with the expression of downstream genes?

Moreover, we show that transcription read-through overruns and interferes with the expression of downstream genes. We identify the anti-apoptotic oncogene BCL2 as one of such interfered genes, thereby illustrating a new mechanistic basis for the transcriptional deregulation of oncogenes.

What are the functional outcomes of transcription read-through?

We further show that invasion of neighbouring genes and generation of RNA chimeras are functional outcomes of transcription read-through. We identified the BCL2 oncogene as one of such invaded genes and detected a novel chimera, the CTSC-RAB38, in 20% of ccRCC samples.

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