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Frequently Asked Questions

What is circcircrna (ciRNA)?

CircRNA derived from introns is known as circular intronic RNA (ciRNA). It was found to be abundant in the nucleus, reported firstly in human cells and was suggested to have a regulatory role in their parent coding genes. They represent a small part of circRNA, of which only 19.2% exists in humans [ 37 ]. and a very small fraction in plants.

What is circrna_010567?

A novel identified circular RNA, circRNA_010567, promotes myocardial fibrosis via suppressing miR-141 by targeting TGF-β1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;487 (4):769–75. 112. Zhao Z, Li X, Gao C, Jian D, Hao P, Rao L, Li M. Peripheral blood circular RNA hsa_circ_0124644 can be used as a diagnostic biomarker of coronary artery disease.

What is the best book on circular RNA?

Zhang, Y. et al. Circular intronic long noncoding RNAs. Mol. Cell 51, 792–806 (2013). 4. Lasda, E. & Parker, R. Circular RNAs: diversity of form and function. RNA 20, 1829–1842 (2014). 5. Li, X., Yang, L. & Chen, L. L.

How many read counts are needed to detect circRNA?

For circRNA, a detection threshold of 5-reads was applied to avoid “shot noises” for low read counts (Anders et al., 2010). All clustering was performed with a hierarchical clustering method using Manhattan Distance.

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