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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by read-through in biology?

read-through process of TRANSCRIPTION or TRANSLATION continuing beyond the normal termination site, because of the absence or alteration of the usual transcription or translation stop signal of the gene, due for example to MUTATION. Extended transcripts or polypeptides may be formed. Also called terminator read-through.

What is stop codon readthrough and what causes it?

However, stop codon readthrough can occur when a near-cognate tRNA outcompetes eRF1 in decoding the stop codon, resulting in the continuation of the elongation phase of protein synthesis. At the end of a conventional mRNA coding region, readthrough allows translation into the mRNA 3’-UTR.

Which novel mRNA features regulate readthrough efficiency?

Our analysis identified novel mRNA features that may regulate the efficiency of readthrough, including the identities of the stop codon, the penultimate codon, the proximal nucleotides, and the length of the mRNA 3’-untranslated region.

What do random forest analyses reveal about mRNA readthrough efficiency?

In summary, random forest analyses reveal identities of the stop codon, P-site amino acid (or tRNA or nucleotides), and 3’-UTR length as mRNA features that control genome-wide readthrough efficiency.

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