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Frequently Asked Questions

Does stress-induced transcriptional readthrough generate very long downstream of transcripts?

We recently discovered that stress-induced transcriptional readthrough generates very long downstream of gene containing transcripts (DoGs), which may explain up to 20% of intergenic transcription.

Do read-through fusion transcripts exist in breast cancer?

Read-through fusion transcripts that result from the splicing of two adjacent genes in the same coding orientation are a recently discovered type of chimeric RNA. We sought to determine if read-through fusion transcripts exist in breast cancer. We performed paired-end RNA-seq of 168 breast samples, …

Why do testes transcribe new transcripts?

The open chromatin structure in testes, the increased expression of transcriptional machinery, and the selective pressures acting on the male germline all contribute to permissive transcription of new transcripts in the testes ( Nyberg and Carthew 2017 ).

Do fused gene transcripts have a broad RNA expression profile?

Unlike other new genes, fused gene transcripts appear to have a broad RNA expression profile across tissues and cell types. We have provided evidence for the active translation into proteins for three of these TDGFs. Supplementary data are available at Genome Biology and Evolution online.

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