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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there sales tax in DC?

DC imposes a 5.75% sales tax on taxable goods and services (exemptions from sales tax include groceries, prescription and non-prescription drugs, and residential utility services).

What is DC property tax rate?

Overview of District of Columbia Taxes. Homeowners in the nation's capital pay some of the lowest property tax rates in the country. In Washington, D.C., the average effective property tax rate is 0.56%. However, the median real estate property tax payment is $3,647, which is higher than the national average.

What is property tax in DC?

Washington, D.C. Property Tax. In fact, the effective property tax rate in the district, which are property taxes as a percentage of market (and not assessed) value, is a mere 0.56%. That would rank as the fifth-lowest property tax rate among states.

What is DC transfer tax?

In DC, deed transfer tax is generally paid by the seller, while the buyer covers deed recordation tax. These tax amounts are calculated based on the purchase price of the home. If the sale is $399,999 or less, then the DC transfer and recordation tax rate is 1.1%.

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