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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace toolbar?

Launch Internet Explorer and right-click the toolbar located on the top. Scroll down and remove the check from Lock Toolbar.. Disabling the Lock Toolbar enables you to make changes to the toolbar.

How can I change the toolbar?

To move or change the position of a toolbar, perform the following steps: Right-click the toolbar. The shortcut menu with all the available toolbars appears. In certain toolbars, you might find the option lock the toolbars on the shortcut menu with a checkmark next to it. Uncheck this option to move the toolbar.

How do you adjust toolbar?

Place the mouse cursor on the dotted or straight lines on the toolbar and drag them vertically or horizontally to adjust the size of the toolbar. Right-click the toolbar again and remove the check from "Menu" if you want to remove the main menu from the toolbar.

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