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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the color red mean?

Modern surveys in Europe and the United States show red is also the color most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy. In China, India and many other Asian countries it is the color of symbolizing happiness and good fortune.

What is the plural of red?

plural reds. Definition of red (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : a color whose hue resembles that of blood or of the ruby or is that of the long-wave extreme of the visible spectrum. 2 : red clothing the lady in red. 3 : one that is of a red or reddish color: such as. a : red wine. b : an animal with a red or reddish coat.

What is the opposite of red?

Red: having a healthy reddish skin tone. Synonyms: blooming, florid, flush… Antonyms: ashen, ashy, doughy… Find the right word.

What is the personality type of red?

Red is a bold color, which makes one stand out from the crowd and influence the way others see them. The red personality type People who favor color red are extroverted, open, enthusiastic. They live their life to the fullest.

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