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Frequently Asked Questions

Is refurbished better than new?

But it's my experience that at least with personal computers, refurbished often means better than new, because retailers or manufacturers are selling something at a loss they never want to see again. Returned once is one time too many. Twice or thrice is simply unacceptable.

Is it good to buy refurbished?

For many shoppers, buying items refurbished seems like the perfect solution. Products that are labeled "refurbished" are fully functional but they can't technically be sold as "new" anymore, for reasons that vary by manufacturer. Because of this, they're typically cheaper and you could save hundreds of dollars depending on your purchase.

Is refurbished and used the same thing?

"Refurbished" isn't just another word for "used," though the terms are related. Used goods, also known as secondhand or pre-owned goods, are products another person has bought, used, and sold. Refurbished goods, also known as reconditioned or remanufactured goods, are products another person has purchased and returned.

How does refurbished mean used?

For the most part, these are the terms used to define refurbished products: Refurbished: A product restored to like-new condition, though the definition of "like-new condition" varies. ... Certified: Products that have been tested to ensure they're in good working order, but not usually repaired. ... Pre-owned: While some refurbished products are returns or damaged items that have been repaired, some are outright used. ...

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