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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You remodel a camper?

Many people manage to pull off camper remodel projects that leave their space looking adorable and feeling more open and comfortable than an RV would ever feel off the lot. Are you looking to do an RV makeover of your own? If so, and if you’re looking for camper remodel ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

How do you clean the inside of a camper?

Tighten frames around window glass. Repair or replace all window screens. Wash down everything inside the camper, including the walls and floor. Use a mild abrasive to clean the sink and stove until they shine like new. Use warm, soapy water to sponge down any hard-surface walls (not the wood, of course).

What can you do with old wood for an RV?

Depending on the size of your RV, you can utilize old wood to make kitchen tables, countertops, ceiling beams, or flooring. Designing your camper with reclaimed wood also gives the interior of your RV a more natural feel, mimicking the outdoors! Windows are a key feature of any camper vehicle.

What are the best ways to improve your RV interior?

Skylights come in various shapes and sizes and are the perfect way to incorporate more natural light into your RV interior. Add pleated shades to your RV skylight to help block out direct sunlight during peak hours and close up the interior better for sleeping at night. If you’re living on the road, having a shower in your RV bathroom is key!

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