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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rehab housing?

In Home Rehab is an onsite or in home rehabilitation program for persons throughout the United States. Our program brings some of the most needed services right where they are most needed — we provide rehabilitation services and care coordination onsite at home.

What is a rehab real estate?

Realty Rehab is a fully licensed real estate and construction firm. The mission is to maximize your profits when selling your property. If approved, we invest upfront costs to Rehab your property prior to us listing it.

What is a rehab property?

Definition – Rehab loans are home loans that allow you to get draws to rehabilitate a distressed or undervalued property. Real estate investors usually try to qualify for this type of a loan to avoid using hard money to rehab their houses.

What is a housing rehab program?

Housing Rehabilitation Program. The purpose of the Housing Rehabilitation Program is to bring owner-occupied dwellings up to local and state building codes. This task can be extremely difficult for low-income homeowners to accomplish themselves.

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