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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alcohol and drug rehab centers in the Philippines?

Our list of alcohol and drug rehab centers in the Philippines might come in handy so you can help a loved one move on and recover from abuse, addiction and all sorts of psychological problems they are experiencing through rehabilitation in duly accredited institutions by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) of the Philippines.

How long is non luxury rehab in the Philippines?

To see more than 50 non-luxury rehab options in the Philippines, visit RehabPath Philippines. How long does inpatient rehab take? Inpatient, or residential, addiction treatment generally runs for 30, 60, or 90 days, with some centers offering treatment for up to 180 days.

Is there a luxury rehab center in Baguio City?

When we think of luxury rehab centers, the Philippines is not often the first place that comes to mind. But, areas like Baguio City are the perfect place to get some needed treatment and therapy to help you or your loved ones overcome addiction.

Where can I go for mental health care in the Philippines?

Gulod, Malaya, Barrio Ampid, San Mateo Rizal The Homecare caters to persons with psychiatric/mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, Depression, Mania, Bipolar Disorders, Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation, and other psychiatric concerns. Duly accredited by the Department of Health

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