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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians?

The religion of ancient Egypt was a polytheistic religion which lasted throughout their civilization. After about three thousand years, the Egyptian people turned to Coptic Christianity and Islam. These religions were brought by influences from outside.

What were Egyptian beliefs?

The majority of Egyptians believe in the Islamic faith with the minority believing in Christianity, but both accept the afterlife. Egyptians customarily value honor, strong family ties and etiquette particularly in social interactions, they practice circumcision on children of both sexes and perform a baby naming ceremony.

What are the values and beliefs of ancient Egypt?

The Significant Beliefs, Values and Practices of The Ancient Society. Egyptians had many beliefs. The beliefs of many gods, and the belief of the afterlife are just a few. Egyptians believed in eternal life , and the belief in an afterlife supports this theory.

What is the modern Egyptian religion?

What Are the Customs & Beliefs of Egypt Today? Religious Beliefs. Approximately 94 percent of Egyptians are Muslim, and Islam's tenets guide Egyptian politics, economic activity and social life. Family and Honor. An Egyptian's loyalty to his family is paramount, with his ties to immediate and extended family trumping all other bonds and obligations. Dining in an Egyptian Home. ... Business Etiquette. ...

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