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Why is the color red associated with the Republican Party?

The color associated with the Republican Party is red, though not because the party chose it. The association between red and Republican began with the advent of color television and network news on Election Day several decades ago and has stuck with the GOP ever since. You've heard the terms red state, for example.

What color is the Democratic Party on TV?

By 1996, color schemes were relatively mixed, as CNN, CBS, ABC, and The New York Times referred to Democratic states with the color blue and Republican ones as red, while Time and The Washington Post used the opposite scheme. NBC used the color blue for the incumbent party, which is why blue represented the Democrats in 2000.

Do Democrats and Republicans have the same party logo?

Neither party national committee has officially accepted these color designations, though informal use by each party is becoming common. Both parties have since adopted logos that use their respective colors (a blue "D" for Democrats and a white "GOP" with a red elephant for Republicans).

What is the origin of the political party color scheme?

Origins of the color scheme. Before the 1996 presidential election, the traditional color-coding scheme was often "Blue for Republican, Red for Democrat," in line with European associations, where red is used for left-leaning parties, and blue for the right.

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