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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the constitutional principle of republicanism?

The constitution reflects the principle of republicanism in that the Constitution establishes a "republic" in the United States in that the Government is run by elected representatives of the people. The state is therefore representative of the people and not subject to the rulers.

What is the principle of republicanism?

Republicanism is important because, when applied to a political system, it gives citizens sovereign authority over government instead of making their lives and rights subordinate to government.

What is the history of republicanism?

Republicanism is a prominent concept in the history of political thought. Republican ideology claimed that citizens of republics enjoyed a liberty unknown to the subjects of monarchies because they were bound by laws that they themselves had made, not the personal whim of an individual monarch.

What is republicanism in the United States?

Republicanism in the United States is a set of ideas that guides the government and politics. These ideas have shaped the government, and the way people in the United States think about politics, since the American Revolution.

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