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Frequently Asked Questions

What is monarch power in EU4?

Monarch power is one of the most important mechanics in EU4. In a way, monarchical power represents the ability of a ruler in governing a country and influences the rate at which technological innovation and infrastructural investment takes place. Despite its name, republics and other similar government types also use this mechanic.

What is a republic?

Republic is a form of government where power is, in contrast to a monarchy, held by a group of people. Republics have republican tradition instead of legitimacy. In some republics the ruler rules for life, but in others there is an election cycle. Please help with verifying or updating this section.

Do you prefer republics or absolutism?

And even without it, you still get a bunch of adminstrative efficiency, and you still get absolutism as a republic, you just don't get as much. I personally enjoy Republics more since they're much more hands on and give you more to manage and consider.

What is wrong with our Republic?

The republic functions because of the agreed common purpose of the rulers who in turn represent the settled will of the ruled. Our republic has been turning back on the traditions that made us strong. The lack of cohesion in our ruling council is costing us militarily.

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