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Frequently Asked Questions

What does républicanisme stand for?

Républicanisme is a French version of modern republicanism. It is a form of social contract, deduced from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's idea of a general will.

What is republicanrepublicanism?

Republicanism is a representative form of government organization. It is a political ideology centered on citizenship in a state organized as a republic.

What is republicanism in the 2nd sense?

Republicanism. According to republicans in this second sense (sometimes called ‘civic republicans’ or ‘neo-republicans’), the paramount republican value is political liberty, understood as non-domination or independence from arbitrary power. This entry will primarily discuss republicanism in this second sense.

What is the significance of the Renaissance in republicanism?

Renaissance republicanism. Beyond simply a non-monarchy, early modern thinkers conceived of an ideal republic, in which mixed government was an important element, and the notion that virtue and the common good were central to good government. Republicanism also developed its own distinct view of liberty .

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