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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a requester?

A request is something that you want. This could be a physical object (like a drink at a bar) or a thing that you want to happen (like your favourite song to be played). But, to be a requester, you have to be a living being. To all the robots reading this, I’m sorry, you can’t be a requester. “We have had 500 requesters this evening.

What is a requestor in C+?

Requestors are used in computer programming languages, such as C+, that have an interface. The way that computers ‘speak’ to each other is by transferring data to one another. A requestor is a line of code that is essentially asking another computer to give it information.

What is the difference between a petitioner and a requester?

The petitioner is usually someone who wants a court or legislative body to decide on their case. During proceedings, one party would be the petitioner or plaintiff, and the other would be the respondent or defendant. A requester is more often an individual requesting official documents from a government entity.

What is the suffix for requestor?

“Request” does not end in either -ate, -ct, or -it, which makes attaching the “-or” suffix to it all the more unusual. Still, there are a few other exceptions to this rule, such as “inventor” and “investor,” so “requestor” is simply one more possible exception.

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