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Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations required for primitive camping?

No permit or reservation is required outside of the permitted season. Camping Permit required at primitive campsites from May 15 to September 10. No special use permit is required for individuals or small groups (74 people or less).

How to reserve a campsite?

How to Reserve a Campsite, Even at the Last Minute Don't forget about private campgrounds. Step 1: Go online and search for last-minute campsites on both public and private land. ... Look for first-come-first-served sites. Let's say you struck out with booking a last-minute private-land spot to pitch a tent. ... Skip the campground; go dispersed camping. ... Drive farther afield. ...

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made by following these simple steps: 1) First, let us know where you are heading to. So type in either a destination city or a hotel name you'd like to stay at, dates of stay and hit Search button: 2) You'll see a list of hotels available.

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