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Frequently Asked Questions

How do online reservations work?

So how do online bookings work? They can be integrated into your existing website or social media page without too much hassle. They are designed so that when a customer visits your site, they can see a booking calendar with available appointments. Then they just choose the service they want, the time and fill out a booking form online.

How does the online reservation system work?

How Does an Online Booking System Work? Front-end booking. The front-end booking, also known as the guest-facing side, is what probably inspired you to look into a booking system in the first place. Back-end management. Here's where the real magic lies. ... Third-party integrations. ...

How do you make reservation?

Reservations can be made by following these simple steps: 1) First, let us know where you are heading to. So type in either a destination city or a hotel name you'd like to stay at, dates of stay and hit Search button: 2) You'll see a list of hotels available.

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