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Frequently Asked Questions

Can employer cut retiree health benefits?

Employees and retirees should know that private-sector employers are not required to promise retiree health benefits. Furthermore, when employers do offer retiree health benefits, nothing in federal law prevents them from cutting or eliminating those benefits--unlessthey have made a specific promise to maintain the benefits.

Can employer reduce or eliminate retiree benefits?

Can an Employer Reduce or Eliminate Retiree Benefits? Private-sector employers aren't obligated to offer health benefits to retirees, and even if they do offer such benefits, employers can reduce or terminate that coverage absent an agreement to the contrary.

Are retiree health benefits taxable?

At that point, tax law treats it as a retirement annuity instead of health benefits. If your disability or other health problems require long-term care, money you get from a long-term care insurance policy is usually tax-free. If there's a cash surrender value on the policy, your benefits are taxable.

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