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Frequently Asked Questions

How does retiree health coverage work with Medicare?

Retiree insurance is a form of health coverage an employer may provide to former employees. Retiree insurance is almost always secondary to Medicare , meaning it pays after Medicare and may provide coverage for Medicare cost-sharing, like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.

What is the best medical plan for seniors?

“SCAN Health Plan has been ranked among the very best in the industry for five straight years in ... and in-home technology support designed to get seniors online and in touch with their health providers. In the coming year, SCAN plans will be available ...

Do I need Medicare supplement insurance when I retire?

retiree coverage will work with your Medicare. Regardless of your retiree insurance, you must make sure to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B because Medicare will always pay first after you retire (called primary insurance) and your retiree plan will pay second (called secondary insurance).

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