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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Retrospecter?

Were you looking for his remixes or the full week mod ? RetroSpecter is a musician, artist, streamer and YouTuber that mainly makes remixes of songs. After Friday Night Funkin's popularity, he began to make remixes for those songs too, and even mod songs.

How popular is Retrospecter's Friday night Funkin'remix?

It's well known within the community! Note: RetroSpecter is a popular musician on YouTube known for his Friday Night Funkin' remixes. Not to mention that Part 1 took 5 months to make, so of course it's a fan favorite. This mod is or contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Is retroretrospecter a demon?

RetroSpecter is a demon. He has a cyan color scheme with horns that have green ends, and he also has blueish white hair. He wears a blue hoodie and dark gray pants, both of which are fireproof.

What does retro Specter look like?

RetroSpecter is a demon with similar qualities to dragons and a few Pokémon, he has a cyan color scheme with horns that have green ends, he also has blueish white hair, a tail with similar palette to his horns that has it's own hand that points in the direction the player hits. In Week 5, Retro wears gray pants and a green sweater with bells on it.

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