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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a return address on a wedding invitation?

How to Address Wedding Invitations to A Married Doctor or Two Married Doctors. It's proper etiquette to address a doctor with their official title. If the couple doesn't share a last name, be sure that your wedding invitations reflect that. On the outer envelope: Dr. Anne Barker and Mr. Peter Underwood. If the doctor uses their partner's name ...

How to print your wedding invitation envelopes at home?

Printing Our Wedding Invitation Envelopes. To start, you’ll want an Excel spreadsheet of all of your guest addresses. I suggest one column for name (ie. Mr. and Mrs. Carter or James Brown), one for street address, one for street address 2 (like apartment numbers) one for city, one for state, one for zip code, then a last one for country if ...

How to address RSVP envelopes?

Addressing the RSVP Card Envelope The traditional wording for guest names is “Mr. and Mrs. David Jones.” However, it’s also okay to print it as “David and Kelly Jones” or “The Jones.” When addressed to the couple, simply write the bride and groom’s first names only, i.e. “Daniel and Ashley.” ...

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