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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESPN return Man 3?

ESPN Return Man 3 is one of the best flash games developed by ESPN that focuses on playing the American football, where you have to run the length of the field and touch down without being tackled in order to win. It is the best game you will ever play with lots of action and entertainment.

Can you become a pro running back in return Man 2?

Return Man 2 - become a pro running back! Jump back into the action of American Football games in this second installment of the Return Man series. This fantastic sports game brings a whole host of awesome challenges, levels, and special moves. The retro graphics and fun football gameplay are superb.

Is return Man 3 a clone of return Man 2?

Notice that Return Man 3 is probably considered as a clone of Return Man 2 since you must do some following jobs: running to the yellow circle to pick up the ball right after it returns from the visit team, taking it to the ESPN touchdown at the end zone, watching out for defenders chasing the main football player, and receiving the final result.

How do you play return Man 2 unblocked?

Return Man 2 unblocked is definitely an improvement on the first version. This game has so much more to offer - don’t forget to submit your high scores to try and get on the leaderboard! Move to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball. Get around the defenders using your teammates to make it to the end zone.

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